Find the best drone for your application!

Drone-Benchmark provides accurate flight performance data for high-demanding applications.


Find out how well your preferred drone performs amongst other drones or in various situations.


Starting from a wide overview of the capabilities of today’s drones, the extensive search tool will help you find the most suited drone for your application in no-time.


Get access to detailed, accurate and objective test reports.


We created Drone-Benchmark because we kept getting serious questions we couldn’t directly answer, like:
“Is there a drone on the market that can transport 5kg of payload, fly at 50km/h and cover a distance of 25km?” Perhaps. But how will we find which one and will this be the best choice?
Some manufacturers claim their drone can lift for example 5kg and fly for 40 minutes. But they forget to mention that is not possible to fly 40 minutes WITH 5kg payload. Others do provide the required graphs presenting the flight time for different payloads. Thank you for that! But how can we now compare this drone with another one who does not come with this information? And how do we know it can fly 50km/h and reach 25km? Do we have test every drone with every possible payload for a whole set of flight speeds? That’s a huge effort…

We strongly believe in the unexplored potential that drones have for applications in which they have to carry heavy loads, cover long distances and reach high speeds.
That is why we take this challenge, collect all information and make it available for you.